The Mikvah of Denver, also known as the West Side Mikvah, has a long and venerable history. The Mikvah was moved from behind the building housing the historic Lake Steam Baths to its present location at 1404 Quitman Street in the mid-1960s.

Rabbi Daniel Goldberger and the indomitable Molly Feder were active in getting a new and modern Mikvah for the entire Jewish Community. Nearly all Jewish congregations of the time participated in building the Mikvah. Hence, the Mikvah became THE Community Mikvah, offering a place for conversions, brides, regular monthly usage, a men’s mikvah as well as a Keilim Mikvah (for food utensils). The Mikvah was remodeled in 2019 with a grant from the Rose Foundation.

A major renovation, modernization and renaming of the Miriam Zupnik Denver Mikva was completed in June 2022. Renovations include: A “facelift” of the entire space, fresh contemporary paint on the whole interior and exterior, new flooring throughout, the creation of an “interior garden” to add to the relaxed atmosphere, a new, updated reception area, a redesigned, beautiful waiting area with large storage capabilities, new tile in the preparation rooms and immersion pool, new showers/tubs, new and improved interior and exterior lighting, new vanities, décor and signage outside all three mikva’os.


1404 North Quitman St.
Denver, Colorado 80204

(720) 253-8201

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Miriam Zupnik Denver Mikvah Building Dedication Donors